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Established in 1973
( Who are we?
NZ's longest established supplier of genealogical books, charts, maps, fiche, computer programs
( Where are we?
In the Eastern Suburbs of Auckland. When in Auckland if you would like to view our extensive display please phone, fax or email for our address and to make a time to call. We work from home so - days, evenings, weekends, public holidays - you may make an appointment. Jan  will be pleased to give advice and help with your purchases. However, we do need some 'private' time! So, if the answerphone is on, PLEASE leave a message. We WILL phone back. If we don't, something has gone wrong so please phone again. Jan is often swamped with emails! So please do not expect an instant answer! However, if she does not reply within a week, please send again (with just a nice reminder message!) as she would really like to reply to everyone.
( What do we have?
Everything for everyone and everywhere - Computer programs, CDs, How to Books, Background Books, Research Guides, Gibson Guides, Society of Genealogists & Federation of FH Societies publications, Old Maps, New Maps, What's available by County, Charts, Recording Systems, Computer Programs, CDs, Microfiche, Research Advice, Computer Advice, Brief Guides
( How can we serve you?
We are mostly mail order and will be happy to despatch orders world wide!   
Your-one-stop-genealogy-supplies shop
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