Maps in this series are each 8.5" x 11",     $6 + $2.50 p&h
printed on heavy weight linen-finish paper

Those maps with the (HUNDREDS) or (WARDS) designation following the county name were drawn by R Creighton and engraved by J & C Walker. Drawn primarily to illustrate the changes of the Parliamentary Reform Act of 1835, these maps show the division of each county into "hundreds", the ancient minor civil subdivision not usually shown on larger maps. Note that the maps of Durham, Northumberland and Westmoreland are divided into wards, rather than
hundreds. Major roads and turnpikes, as well as borough towns, polling places, and the largest settlements are also shown.
All other maps in the series were drawn and engraved by J Archer and issued in London between 1840 and 1845.
In this series of maps (those without an H or W), towns, villages and hamlets are identified and, in some instances, even the family seats of the nobility and landed gentry. Each map also shows topographical features, as well as canals, roads and internal political boundaries. The important railway lines and stations  are also located.
Note that some counties have ONLY maps that show the Hundreds or the Wards - no topographical map. Eg maps numbered GB 11-17 are not topographical.

England                                   Wales

GB1 Bedfordshire
GB2 Bedfordshire (H)
GB3 Berkshire
GB4 Berkshire (H)
GB5 Buckinghamshire
GB6 Buckinghamshire (H)
GB7 Cambridgeshire
GB8 Cambridgeshire (H)
GB9 Cheshire
GB10 Cheshire (H)
GB11 Cornwall (H)
GB12 Cumberland (H)
GB13 Derbyshire (H)
GB14 Devonshire (H)
GB15 Dorsetshire (H)
GB16 Durham (W)
GB17 Essex (H)
GB18 Gloucestershire
GB19 Gloucestershire (H)
GB20 Hampshire
GB21 Hampshire (H)
GB22 Hereford
GB23 Hereford (H)
GB24 Hertfordshire
GB25 Hertfordshire (H)
GB26 Huntingdonshire
GB27 Huntingdonshire (H)
GB28 Isle of Wight
GB29 Kent
GB30 Lancashire
GB31 Lancashire (H)
GB32 Leicestershire
GB33 Leicestershire (H)
GB34 Lincolnshire
GB35 Lincolnshire (H)

GB36 Middlesex
GB37 Middlesex (H)
GB38 Monmouthshire
GB39 Monmouthshire (H)
GB40 Norfolk
GB41 Norfolk (H)
GB42 Northamptonshire
GB43 Northamptonshire (H)
GB44 Northumberland
GB45 Northumberland (W)
GB46 Nottinghamshire
GB47 Nottinghamshire (H)
GB48 Oxfordshire
GB49 Oxfordshire (H)
GB50 Rutlandshire
GB51 Rutlandshire (H)
GB52 Shropshire
GB53 Shropshire (H)
GB54 Somersetshire
GB55 Somersetshire (H)
GB56 Staffordshire
GB57 Staffordshire (H)
GB58 Suffolk
GB59 Suffolk (H)
GB60 Surrey
GB61 Surrey (H)
GB62 Sussex
GB63 Sussex (H)
GB64 Warwickshire
GB65 Warwickshire (H)
GB66 Westmoreland
GB67 Westmoreland (W)land (W)
GB68 Wiltshire
GB69 Wiltshire (H)
GB70 Worcestershire
GB71 Worcestershire (H)
GB72 Anglesea
GB73 Brecknockshire
GB74 Caermarthenshire
GB75 Caernarvonshire
GB77 Denbighshire
GB78 Flintshire
GB79 Glamorganshire
GB80 Merionethshire
GB81 Montgomeryshire
GB82 Pembrokeshire
GB83 Radnorshire

Originally issued by P.W. Joyce in 1895, each county map in this series identifies towns, villages, railway lines and canals. In addition, the map shows the baronies in each county - and even the location of a number of large estates and "great houses"! Because these are exact reprints of antique originals, slight imperfections affecting the typefaces are occasionally visible, just as they appear in the original lithographs.

ER1 Antrim
ER2 Armagh
ER3 Carlow
ER4 Cavan
ER5 Clare
ER6 Cork
ER7 Donegal
ER8 Down
ER9 Dublin
ER10 Fermanaugh
ER11 Galway
ER12 Kerry
ER13 Kildare
ER14 Kilkenny
ER15 Kings (Offaly)
ER16 Leitrim
ER17 Limerick
ER18 Louth
ER19 Londonderry
ER20 Longford
ER21 Meath
ER22 Mayo
ER23 Monaghan
ER24 Queens (Leix)
ER25 Roscommon
ER26 Sligo
ER27 Tipperary
ER28 Tyrone
ER29 Waterford
ER30 Westmeath
ER31 Wexford
ER32 Wicklow

Originally published by John Bartholomew in 1885, each map in this series identifies towns, villages, railway lines rivers and locks. PLUS parishes are numbered and there is a numerical key to the parish names. In all more than 900 parishes and nearly 9000 place names can be located with this series.

SC1 Aberdeen
SC2 Argyll & Bute
SC3 Ayr
SC4 Banff
SC5 Berwick
SC6 Caithness
SC7 Dumbarton
SC8 Dumfries
SC9 Edinburgh
SC10 Environs of Edinburgh
SC11 Elgin & Nairn
SC12 Fife & Kinross
SC13 Forfar
SC14 Haddington
SC15 Inverness
SC16 Western Isles
SC17 Kincardine
SC18 Kirkcudbright
SC19 Lanark
SC20 Environs of Glasgow
SC21 Linlithgow
SC22 Orkey & Shetland
SC23 Peebles
SC24 Perth
SC25 Renfrew
SC26 Ross & Cromarty
SC27 Roxburgh
SC28 Selkirk
SC29 Stirling & Clackmannan
SC30 Sutherland
SC31 Wigtown