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For further information, write name & address,
  tick the boxes to indicate your  areas of interest
  & return to Beehive  with 90c (A5) SAE
            Your information will be entered into our computer database so that we may continue to correspond with you


Please tick the countries where you are researching
  England           Ireland
  Scotland            Australia & NZ
  Europe, USA, Canada     

 You will be sent all catalogues relating to the areas you
    have ticked. This will include - information on maps
     (old & new), Gibson Guides, FFHS publications,
      SOG publications, Guildhall, PRO, Bibliographies,
          Pigots Directories,  Microfiche
... as relevant ...

Please tick (or circle) areas of interest
    Beginners      Stationery
    Miscellaneous       Microfiche
    London, English Counties A-L or  M-Z      
        / Wales/ Channel Islands (Please circle)
  Godfrey Maps catalogue (please enclose an extra $1 stamp)
  Shire Publications - occupations, collectibles,      rural & social themes
  Computer Programs          CDs
  'Hooked on Genealogy' Tours
  Specials (when available)
Please remember to enclose 90c SAE     
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