Family Tree Maker
FAMILY TREE MAKER   1CD    version 2008              $68  
Brand new programs. Lots of features. Great for web searching.
Record extensive biographies; cut & paste trees, calendars etc, scrapbook, create webpage, 100's of reports & charts - great for gifts! Book format, extensive sourcing facilities. Hourglass charts. Research log. Unlimited events. Fan charts. Colour coding. Customise print outs. All in one trees, background images, vertical trees, personalised trees. Individual Facts Card.  Attach Images to Sources.  Add Siblings to Ancestor Trees.  Print photos from scrapbook. Small Getting Started Manual. Create .PDF files
STOP!!!   Remember to order your copy from Beehive Books!!
WHY??? Cheaper;  you do not have to pay c$US postage!: personal service; support; no having to prove you have a registered copy before you can upgrade if you purchased from us; secure credit card (not on Internet - phone, fax or email (use words and numbers); your email address goes into our database and you receive the Genealogy on the Net Buzzword!!

No demo available just now.

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