ROOTS MAGIC   (1 CD)   $55 (check with Jan for current price)
Easy to use, VERY good sourcing facilities, good data entry. Excellent reports (great book), photos, scrapbook, creates webpage, custom reports. Drop line chart 9 (still to come), To-do List. Over 60 ways to print your tree. Easy to share with .PDF files. Multiple databases. Great Family Journal facility.     No manual        

"Getting the most out of RootsMagic "  Bruce Buzbee (the programer)
2003 A5 pb  230pp  Starting with basic data entry & through to more advanced features          $ask

Read what Bruce has to say about his program
STOP!!!   Remember to order your copy from Beehive Books!!
WHY??? Cheaper;  you do not have to pay $US postage: personal service; support; no having to prove you have a registered copy before you can upgrade if you purchased from us; secure credit card (not on Internet - phone or email, use words and numbers); your email address goes into our database and you receive the Genealogy on the Net Buzzword!!

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