Genealogy for Windows       $125 + $5
A special purpose software database program for researching your family history, recording your ancestors and creating your family tree. It combines the benefits of a standard software database program with the special features for tracing ancestors found only in the best genealogical programs. Family history research takes many forms. You might want to research your own family tree to find your ancestors as far back as you can along one or multiple lines. Alternatively you could research all the families in a particular geographical region (place study) or those with a particular surname (one name study).
Genealogy for Windows is a valuable tool in the study of inheritance and genetics in both humans and animal breeding. Any work that involves tracing back through each generation for medical, financial or any other reason will benefit from this software.

You will be able to leave a valuable inheritance as a result of your hobby for your own relatives and descendants if you publish your work. Genealogy for Windows uses an industry standard database format to ensure future compatibility.

Genealogy for Windows is "Event" or "Source" oriented. This means that you record the data that you collect in the database as your research progresses. This data can be gathered from any source such as the Internet, Record Offices, Family Search Centres and even your own relatives. You then use the facilities of Genealogy for Windows to help you work out the family structure and interconnections that make up the family trees.

Some special features include the research log facility which enables you to keep track of progress as you hunt for information, the ability to use spelling variations of names as they appear in source documents and yet still find all variations when searching. Genetics charts can be displayed using standard genetics symbols. Finally, Genealogy for Windows databases are created in the standard Microsoft Access format which means that your data is future proofed by using an industry standard format

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