Computer  Books
British Family History on CD  Raymond 2001 128pp A5 pb
128 pages is a sign that publications on CD already represent an enormous & quickly growing resource.  All known genealogical data disks produced by British family history societies & companies are included          $30

Family History on the Web Raymond 2000 71pp A5 pb  
12 chapters—search engines, libraries, mailing lists,  surname, sources etc  for counties in England & Wales          $24

Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian Shown Mills 1997 124pp A5 pb
Make sure you cite your sources correctly in your genealogy program Special           $25

Family History on Your PC Bradley 1996 229pp A5pb
'Detective Work+Your PC= our Family Tree!'  Systematic approach to recording & classifying evidence  not $35 special!!      $20

FamilySearch on the Internet Hawgood 1999 16pp A5 pb
So much to see! You need to KNOW the best way to find this information on this site      $8.50

Finding Genealogy on the Internet Christian 1999 20pp A5 pb
covers search engines; mailing lists etc      $11

Genuki Hawgood 2000 48pp A5 pb
How to find information on the more than 20,000 pages on the web site $16

IGI on Computer Hawgood 1998 48pp A5 pb Make the best use of the IGI! How to find, print, copy the records and then how to use at home!                     $11

Internet for Genealogy Hawgood 1999 24pp A5 pb
Practical guide to what can be obtained, examples & addresses. Send private messages, appeal for help etc          $9.50

Irish Family History on the Web, A Directory Raymond 2001A5 pb
Listing more than 1500 Irish websites with helpful notes, this booklet is invaluable for those researching Irish ancestors                    $24

Netting Your Ancestors - Genealogical Research on the Internet Howells 1997 182pp A5 pb
How to take maximum advantage of this research tool. Answers fundamental questions. Get down to the nitty-gritty! Award winning author  previous edition so special price  not     $45          $25

Searching for Cyber-Roots Bonner 1997 167pp A5 pb
Step by step guide to Genealogy on the WWWeb special      not $32    $18

Turbo Genealogy Cosgriff 1997 206pp A5 pb
For beginners to  help unlock secrets of using computers not  special   not $33         $18

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