What's New
Descendant View Tab
- shows a descendant chart. Edit by highlighting & clicking the Edit button. If  screen is not wide enough to show the entire line of information for a person, highlighting the person displays all their info at the bottom, along with the relationship of that person to the top person in the list. Double-clicking on a person puts him/her at the top of the list & the chart is regenerated. Columns are user-selectable & savable.
Child-Parent Relationships
- The link between a child & his/her father & mother can now be specified & sourced - such as Biological, Adopted, Guardian, Sealed, Step, as well as a place to record Challenged & Disproved relationships. These new fields are displayed on the Children List window as well as the Parents List window.
Multiple Lines of Descent Report
- a new book report style similar to a Register-style descendant narrative book but you can select two or more ends of lines to include in the report. When the report is generated, the first line is printed as a normal Descendant report would be. Then the next line is started on the next page, & if it intersects with the first line, a message is printed indicating where to look in the first line for the remainder of the descendant line.
Reports in Different Languages
- many reports can be generated in several languages including German, French, Spanish, Norwegian, & Dutch.
Calendar Creator
- Create your own calendars, complete with pictures, birthdays, & anniversaries.  Create complete yearly calendars suitable for gifts.
User Filing Numbers
 - Lists all the filing numbers used in a family file & shows where they have been used.
Name List Reports with Multiple Lines per Record
 - design list reports with up to three rows of fields per record, greatly increasing the amount of information for each person.
Master Location List Mapping
- a new button called "Maps"  shows up when a location is highlighted that has latitude & longitude values entered. Clicking the button currently takes you to MapQuest & displays the appropriate map.  
Master Location Maintenance
- expand & contract state & county names. Great for amending the short location list   
Private Individuals
- Any individual in the family file can now be marked as Private. All reports now have the option to include or exclude these private persons.
Private Event Definitions
- You can now mark any Master Event Definition as Private
Event Definitions
 - Added a checkbox to exclude an event name from the Potential Problems report.   
Note Fields - Added Ctrl-F to all note fields for searching. F3 then searches for the next occurrence.
New AutoSource Options
- attach sources to the records you export to GEDCOM files. Add your name as the author to every record in the file so that you receive credit for all the research you have done.
Potential Problems Report
- the Exclude from Potential Problems checkbox has been replaced with a button that opens a window letting you select each problem to be excluded from the Potential Problems analysis.
User Filing Numbers
- easily find the next available file reference number  
Family/Pedigree Views
- holding the cursor over the Spouses icon shows the names of all the spouses in the popup tooltips. Hovering over the Parents icon shows the names of all the parents. Hovering over the AKA icon shows all the alternate names for that person.
Entering Information
- now remembers the last ten locations that you have used. You can then pop them up on any Location field & copy them in with one click. Also remembers the last ten dates entered.
Family View
- A new feature colours the Husband & Wife labels as well as the child numbers if they are marked as Living.
- A new Event Clipboard lets you memorize & play back events saving you lots of time.
Marriage Screen
- specify your own words for "Spouse" & "Marriage" for each couple. These words are then used on all the reports in the appropriate places.   
Picture Family Tree Chart
- options to print 1, 2, & 4 generations.   
Name List Report
- option to print the report to comma-delimited (CSV) format.
Timeline Reports
- color code  boxes.
Descendant Charts
- new numbering option, d'Aboville.
Desktop Wallpaper
- select any picture within Legacy & have it applied as the background of your computer desktop.
Event Sentences
Whenever you save a set of Event Sentence Definitions, they are "memorized." When defining a subsequent set of definition, you can click on a sentence label to repeat the last "memorized" sentence. Right-clicking on a label offers to repeat the entire set of eight definitions. This is useful if you want to use an existing set of definitions as a template when adding a new user-defined event.
Geo Location Database - A collection of nearly three million current locations worldwide divided into six regions:
PA - Pacific Islands
US - United States
AF - Africa
AM - Americas (non-USA)
AS - Asia
EU - Europe
Each location includes the name of the city, the county or province, the state, if any, and the country name. Along with this information the latitude and longitude coordinates are also included. Searching can be done by any field(s). A Radius search is included to find cities within a specified radius (in miles or kilometers) of a location.